Cases from Yulia Androsova

Fashion designer with nine years experience in leading a designing process, having a strong understanding of the product development cycle. Experienced in trends research and building themes and color pallets for the collection. A combination of creativity with commercial goals in mind. Having special love for contemporary womenswear, inspired by tailoring.

-Faberlic office autumn 2020-

All you need to look fabulous at work


Faberlic is the biggest direct sales company in Russia with more than 1800 employee and 400 millions product units manufactured per year. It was founded in 1997 as a cosmetics company and entered the clothing market in 2013. Faberlic is keep entering new markets and creating new product categories, such as first office wear collection for Autumn 2020. It was inspired by women and made for women to feel comfortable, confident and beautiful at work. This collection is the lovesong to tailoring. Its core based on time-tested silhouettes with some boxy styles added , which could be called a new classic of modernity.

Romantic shades

Wine mood