Founded in 2012

The team of highly experienced designers, printists and technologists, united by a common approach in creation of the best product with 8 years of work for the largest retail chains and medium brands.


Design should be worked out proficiently depending on the brand needs. It is a common phrase under what we mean an individual approach to each case when our aim is to help client to open a vision of his real needs and to develop fast the main ideas, observing the design market, what gives a variety of choice for the exact goal achievement.


Technology is one of the main criteria for the successful sales. Each product should have a perfect fit. We have a professional team including Boys and Girls technologists, who develop the patterns and measurement specifications with Gradation. In our studio with dummies and a group of different age children we’re hardly working on each style to offer the best possible solution, what is adopted and understandable for production either at factories or smaller facilities. Our aim here is to support and give simple directions how to achieve a perfect look of the garment.

Our clients

Our experience includes numerous of cases developed for biggest retails chains; China, Indian and Bangladesh factories as well as for medium/ smaller brands. Our professional English speaking team is able to support demands of any specifics in order to achieve the exact goals and develop own features, which absolutely each client has.


We use a different approach: first we come up with general principles and basic carriers depending on the task of the case. Then we offer more concrete vision of the capsule with color pallets and discuss the ideas of prints / design offering the decisions based on product price rage. When the design of each style is negotiated and confirmed, we develop technical documentation pack what will include, upon necessity: artworks in Coral Draw, Adobe Illustrator, PDF, Jpeg formats; gradation measurement charts and patterns; fabric / accessories specifications. Our team has a separate division for marvelous water prints developments what can be used in any sphere of design and become a significant feature of creation.

Logos and branding is one of our directions offered as an additional application or separate case depending on customer’s need.

In all our cases we are happy to work on adjustments, fixing, retouching, changing things. We try to reduce price by avoiding unnecessary work and end up with a product that works in real life.

Why us

We do not think that we compete with teams that create cool projects – they are our colleagues, friends, we do the same job. Choose a design studio that is close to your spirit and offers the best ratio of vision, style and price. If it turns out to be our studio, we will be excited to work with you. Because of our long term experience we have tight connections with factories in India, China and Bangladesh for successful production under the high level standards and will be happy to offer their service in case of necessity.