Jungle Path


0-2 yrs




Spring / Summer


Jungles always call our little adventure seekers!

We found that the Jungle theme is always in demand and what is most important – our team is really keen to create this warm and joy collection what brings a lot of fun to our end customers and their little monkeys.

Mood board


Paper work


It’s good when we can imagine the combination of the styles between each other in a capsule - that is how we can create the full look and find what else can be developed to make the collection balanced. Doing our best to show all the options for your Catalogs, Photo shooting or just for the clear picture of how the styles will look when ready for presentation.


We are happy to create Jungle themes each summer season in different variations using nature splash inspiration with integration of funny wild animals who will make happy children and their parents. We like to develop small patches with details to create a mood of the garment. We are ready to show more of our Jungle collections upon your kind request!